Kamvelta Resort Hotel

Nature Top Hall

Kamvelta Holiday Resort is an iconic place located at Kesbewa, Bandaragama Road. It is just 15 Mints drive from Kahathuduwa Interchange in southern express and same as in Galanigama Interchange. Kamvelta provides you with the high standard hospitality services. When organizing Wedding and other official functions beside a stunning framework we propose professional advice. Designer decors and stylishly appointed furnishings are common features in Kamvelta Holiday Resort. FREE FACILITIES

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You can enjoy everything with pure breeziness from a spacious Nature Top Hall. Nature Top hall is fully outdoor hall where there are no windows. You can walk all over the garden when you host your ceremony or reception.


Nature Top Hall

  • Poruwa
  • Sette Back
  • Oil Lamp
  • Couple Table
  • Table Decors
  • Chair Covers
  • Cake structure table
  • Registration and Gift Table
  • Head Table
  • Room for Dressing Purposes
  • Photo Location